Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Katie's Bracelet

I finally did it, the bracelet is done, took me long enough. It was to have been Katie's Christmas present, then her birthday present, then my goal was Valentines. It ended up  a belated BD present and she received it today; loves it  too apparently as she has said so and she is wearing it. It consists of 4 triangles and 2 squares joined together with round crystals and some seed beads. I'm hoping the squares will stabilise it somewhat while it is being worn., we will see.

It is not my design just a pattern  I learned  at my dining room table one week-end when Jamie was up.  Hope to soon post the two other bracelets I made using the same pattern just different beads and joined together differently.

PS:  Feb 24,2011 - Katie is my son's beautiful girl friend and we went out for a steak dinner last night and the bracelet sparkled so in the dimmed lights, was actually very, very nice!

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  1. YOU DID IT!!!! Congratulations Glenda, I know its been a long haul, lol!!! It turned out gorgeous, I knew it would.