Saturday, December 4, 2010

My 2nd Kumihimo Bracelet

The wonderful talented Jamie North came up for another great weekend about a month ago. She brought her beads and we all got together and made another version of the Kumihimo bracelet using the magatama beads. We each chose the colours we wanted and we were off to another 'lost' weekend of beads, beads and more beads. Jamie had classes to teach  in Sherwood Park and while she was away teaching, the rest of us sat at my dining room table and worked our little fingers off - lol.

I find the making of the bracelet relatively easy, but the finishing off (adding the bead caps and clasp), quite a challenge. It took me several goes at this one, but I am so pleased with the final result.

I so enjoy the getting together and the laughter of the group as we struggle  through-out the sessions. Some of us-not me- are very fast and complete their work of art with relatively ease My stamp and play partner Dawn comes to mind, she is such a wonderfully talented lady. The tinkle of beads hitting the floor and rolling away, sometime to be never seen again, is a familiar refrain in my house when  our Jamie comes to visit. Great fun!


  1. I love your bracelets so much. You can see how much work goes into them. The clasp to fasten it is beautiful. Adding you to my sidebar, so I don't miss any of your creations. Love sandra x

  2. Beautiful bracelet Glenda! I've got to get mine posted so Jamie knows I appreciate the tutorials and will come up and teach up more, lol!